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New Moon Mystery School

A Coming-of-Age Program for Girls (12-15)

Playful and supportive journey to set girls up for a lifetime of confidence and clarity when it comes to their bodies, reproductive health, and relationship to self

August 5-10, 2024


The Journey

Come circle around in a safe and compassionate space

while we play, sing, dance, nourish,

and learn the mysteries of our bodies.

“The container is impeccable - safe, supportive, organic, inclusive, playful and respectful.”


Monday, August 5, 10-4pm
Welcome & Potion Making

Tuesday, August 6, 10-4pm
Hormonal Cycles & Seasons

Wednesday, August 7, 10-4pm
The Climate of Feeling
Communicating with Clarity & Confidence

Thursday, August 8, 10-4pm
Body Image & Hygiene

Friday, August 9, 10-4pm
Nourishment & Herbal Allies
Connecting to Your Wild Nature

Saturday, August 10
Closing Ceremony + Celebration

with Mothers, Grandmothers, and Aunties
Program Tuition

$545 for 33 hour program
+ $105 for cost of materials

Payment plans are available.

With the support of our community, Partial Scholarships are available from an Endowment Fund.

Our home base will be nestled in a beautiful hexagonal sanctuary in a private home on the East Side of Bend and will enjoy many field trips to the forests and rivers
Topics we will travel:

~ Care for your body and the changes it's going through
~ Nourish yourself and engage in healthy and joyful movement
~ Recognize the seasons and cycles of your body
~ Regulate your emotions with grounding practices
~ Build confidence in communicating your needs and using your voice
~ Make new friends and build trust with women in your community
~ Ask curious questions
~ Express your wild nature and your most natural self
~ Attune to nature within and without


“Leydon, I just want to say that you are such a perfect person to hold these circles.


You hold such amazing wisdom, connection to the earth, and a really open, unguarded, earnest spirit that is SO, SO rare and so valuable for these girls to be around.


Rooted wisdom and youthful, innocent, playful spirit don't often exist in the same body you have all of these things!”


– Julie LoGreco

Weave the wisdom
of all the women who have come before you,
and step into your power,
carrying the torch for all those to come.

First photo by Amanda Carson @wildunfurling, Fourth photo by Summer Wuerthner @lumis_memorie

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