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One-on-One Guidance

I am an educator and initiator in the realms of the subtle body, the senses, and physical/energetic nourishment.

Together, we are able to shed layers that hold you back from your ultimate vitality, joy, presence, and sovereignty.


I offer three types of sessions:

Homeopathy (all ages)

Sensual Vitality (adult men and women)

Maiden Mentorship (teen girls)

Bottles of Homeopathy Globules

Homeopathy Consultation

In the initial session, we will explore a deep dive into your health history and look at the layers (acute, fundamental, and constitutional) that can be supported through this gentle and powerful medicine.


I offer education and information of how to safely and effectively use these remedies as allies in your life.

These sessions are for all ages.

I work with infants, children, teens, and adults.

(sessions over zoom or in person by availability)

Female Vibrancy

Unveil your sensual, sexual, and hormonal vibrancy.


In our initial session we will uncover what you goals and blocks are in relation to you sensuality and sexual health. You will go home with practices and perspectives to gently expand and illuminate your path forward.


If it feels like a good match, from there I will offer a container (3-6 sessions) that will give you the most essential and effective catalysts for transforming your relationship with your body.

(all sessions over zoom)
Mountain Peak

Male Vitality

Male sexual vitality and heart centered connection.

In our initial session we will discuss what your current goals and blocks are.


From there I will offer a container (2-4 sessions) that will serve as the foundation of practice and perspectives as you deepen into your masculine power and potential.

(all sessions over zoom)
Water Foam

Maiden Mentorship

I am here to be an support, ally, and guide to pre-teen and teen girls in the transformational journey of becoming a woman.


I offer education and encouragement through the topics of healthy menstruation, nourishment and homeoapthic allies, energy and emotional regulating, focus, boundaries, and so much more.


Let's connect for a initial session and see if we are a good fit. From there we can design regular meetings that feel supportive to your needs.

(sessions over zoom, in person, or a hybrid of the two)
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