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Water Your Roots

Redefining Your Relationship to Pleasure
through Ancient Jade Yoni Egg

Full Day Immersion

Saturday, June 1


The Journey

An immersive experience

for a small circle of women wanting to deepen

their relationship with pelvic health and pleasure.

The science and sacred will be woven into a new way of relating to your female body including:

Practices to soften and nourish the nervous system, pelvic breath work

and the essential lessons for a life-long yoni egg practice.

The nature of the container is both educational and ceremonial.

I will be bringing in my many years of Qi Gong, Neo-Tantra, and Bodywork

to help us open into a more integrated way of understanding our sexual nature.

Everything in this class is an invitation. You choose what you are ready for.

Any internal bodywork (done on self and under the privacy of a blanket) is optional.

For the Jade Egg Guidance, you always have the option to close your eyes, listen, and wait to practice at home.

Lunch will be provided by Madeline of Pine Willow Wild Crafts.

I am here to answer any and all questions.

See FAQ Below or email me at


What jade egg helps with:

+ Ability to Experience Orgasms

+ Increases Natural Lubrication

+ Increases Immune Health and Vitality of the Vagina

+ Increases Flexibility, Tone, & Receptivity of the Pelvic Muscles

+ Reduces Pain & Stagnation

+ Reduces Numbness

+ Increases Pleasure, Joy, & Vitality

+ Awakens New Neural Pathways

+ Deepens Connection to Intuition

What we will cover:

+ Types of Orgasms

+ Anatomy & Physiology of the Vagina
+ Acupressure Points of the Vagina
+ Pelvic Breath Work

+ Indications / Contraindications

+ Care & Cleaning for Jade Egg
+ How to Adapt Practice for Each Body

+ Interpreting Your Body's Messages

+ Practices for a Softer Nervous System

+ Opening to Receive

+ Integration in Sisterhood

Investment: $330
This includes Jade Egg, Silk String, Storage Pouch, Crystal Egg Stand, and Lunch
The Heart Grounds

[on Private Property, address will be shared upon sign up]

"If you want to feel more at peace, at home, and in love with the sensual expression of who you are as a woman, I highly suggest working with Leydon.


I have had the privilege of attending her Jade Egg Class and learning from her privately and am astounded by her knowledge and wisdom within women's sexuality, sensuality, and pleasure. I've taken Jade Egg classes before, but they did not have the depth nor understanding Leydon brings to the table.


She creates a container of trust and of safety, so it is easy to feel into what the body needs and access deeper levels of healing. I adore her and her work. If you are nervous about doing Jade Egg work, I can assure you that it will be a supportive experience.


Leydon is the perfect example of what authenticity and passion in work look like and I am so grateful to have found her! Take ALL her classes. You won't be disappointed."

- Crystal

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have to undress in class?
You will be fully clothed for the class. During Jade Egg work, you will have the option to undress from the waist down under the cover of a blanket and be able to maintain privacy from your neighboring classmates. This is a safe and trusting environment, and although the class content is intimate in nature, professionalism and respect will be upheld at all times.

Can I do the jade egg practice if I am on my period?

No, it is suggested to rest and pause your practice during menstruation. If the class is during your menstruation, you will be invited to rest and listen for the duration of the jade egg work and save practicing for once you are home and your cycle has completed.

Can I attend this class if I have had surgery or removal of my uterus?
Yes. We can still energetically address these areas of the body. However, this class does require an anatomical vagina. If you have had any pelvic or sex organ reconstruction or removal, please contact me so that I am aware.

Can I attend this class if I am peri/post menopausal?
YES! Oh my gosh, YES! This work debunks the myth of waning sexuality with age. You can lubricate abundantly and experience tremendous power and pleasure well past menopause.

Can I attend this class / do these practices if I am pregnant?
Short answer, yes. Long answer, does this feel right for you?

Jade Egg can be great prep work for birth! And can be amazing for post-partum recovery (once you are ready and have been cleared by your intuition/midwife/doctor - after the first 40 days)

Can I attend this class if I am post-natal, breastfeeding, and/or not menstruating after giving birth?
Yes. This is a great time to reconnect with your body, fill your cup, and begin to regulate your hormones that are in flux post-partum.

Can I attend this class if I have reproductive health complications like endometriosis, STI, PCOS, etc?
Absolutely, please do! Bring all of you and everything you are experiencing. A diagnosis does not define you, and we will be working directly on rewriting these stories and healing from these physical expressions. It is up to you how much you choose to share in the group setting. Your privacy will be honored.

Where can I get a Jade Egg from?
Jade Eggs are included in the class materials and costs.

What if I have my own Jade Egg?
You are welcome to bring your own Jade Egg. For the purposes of these practices, it will need to be a ethically sourced, pure Nephrite Jade Egg, medium sized and drilled.

Can I use a Jade Egg if I have an IUD?
Yes! The likelihood of the egg dislodging the IUD is very low. This is a very gentle practice.

First photo by Summer Wuerthner @lumis_memorie, Second photo by Amanda Carson @wildunfurling

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