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Living Cycle
Reclaiming Menstrual Wisdom

June 15,  10-4pm

Feel better throughout your cycle

Reduce (and even eliminate!) Menstrual and PMS symptoms

Have confidence in your fertility cycle and natural contraception

Have more agency in aligning with your optimum energy

The class will be an in-depth look into the hormonal, physical and energetic principles of the menstrual cycle.

You will learn practices to balance and nourish the female hormones, as well as insight on exercise, nutrition, and self-care for different times in your cycle.

It is my dream for every woman to deeply understand her inner world, and to live in exaltation from this place of knowing and nurture.

Topics we will cover:

~Phases of the Cycle

~Nourishment for Each Phase

~Exercises for Each Phase

~Daily Practices to Balance Hormones

~Practices to Alleviate Pain / Discomfort

~Natural Conception

~Herbal and Homeopathic Allies


Photo by Amanda Caron @wildunfurling

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