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Breast Health
Gateway to the Heart

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Unleash the full potential of your breasts.

Our breasts are epicenters of our emotions, sensuality, and health.


In this class, you will learn how to tend to them and move stagnant energy (physical and emotional). We will cover Eastern, Western, and Metaphysical Anatomy of the breasts and discover their intrinsic abilities to heal, transform, and alchemize your life.


You will learn practices that can lift, tone, and create fuller breasts as you circulate energetic pathways, balance hormones, clear blocks/stagnancy, and develop a more compassionate relationship with your breasts.


Go home with a Breast Massage Practice you can do everyday!


These practices not only bring more pleasure, joy, and balance to your life, but they move lymph, have help prevent and reduce cysts, growths, pain, numbness, and much more.


Come explore your limitlessness.


Note: This a female only class. These practices are safe for past or present breast health issues including cancer, surgeries, augmentation, reduction, and removal. Pregnant and post-partum / breast-feeding women are also welcome!

Photo by Summer Wuerthner @lumis_memorie

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