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2024 Tour

Sacred Waters: Yoni Egg Ceremony and Workshop

Tibetan Jade Egg & Maya Obsisian Egg with Ale Alatorre

(in English and Spanish)

March 6, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Water Your Roots: Jade Egg Immersion

Redefining Your Relationship To Pleasure Through Ancient Jade Yoni Egg

June 1, Bend, Oregon

Living Cycle: Women's Hormonal Health

Relearning Our Bodies Wisdom Through Menstruation and Fertility

June 15, Bend, Oregon

New Moon Mystery School: Coming of Age Program

Body, Menstrual, and Ancestral Education for Girls 12-15

August 5-10, Bend, Oregon

The Wisdom Within: Teen Nature Immersion

Teen Summer Camp (Girls 11-16)

Dates TBA, Bend, Oregon

Vital Man Workshop

Practices to Boost Longevity, Stamina, and Testosterone for Men

Dates TBA, Bend, Oregon

Anatomy and Geography 2.jpg

Breast, Hormone &

Emotion Balance

Regulating Emotions

Through Daily Breast Practices

2024 Dates TBA~ Bend, OR


Living Cycle

Relearning Our Bodies Wisdom Through Menstruation and Fertility

June 15 ~ Bend, OR

Astronomical Clock

Menstrual Astronomy, Astrology, & Divination

Decoding The Mathematics & Magic Of Your Cycle

2024 Dates TBA ~ Bend, OR


Water Your Roots: Redefine Pleasure with Jade Egg

Unleash Your Sexual Nature & Orgasmic Potential

June 1 ~ Bend, OR

Wild Scottish Stag

Vital Man

The Alpha Within

Practices To Boost Longevity, Stamina, & Testosterone for Men

2024 Dates TBA ~ Bend, OR


Wild Within

Yoga Nidra

Nature-based Nidras: Bring You Into Harmony With The Earth

2024 Dates TBA ~

Artwork from Photos 1 & 2 by Jessica Ellen Meyers @daughtersofwands, Photos 4 & 6 by Amanda Carson @wildunfurling

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