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A deep bow of gratitude to the teachers, allies, and guides,
human and more than human,
who have helped me on my journey.
My Mentors and Teachers

Julia Junkin

Sufi Wisdom and Deep Transformational Relationship Healing

Kellie Chambers

Qi Gong from the Ling Gui Lineage with Master Liu He and Dr. Liu Dong
Transparent Communication from the work of Thomas Hübl

Whapio the Matrona

Homeopathy and Quantum Healing

Charu Morgan

Neo-Tantra and Somatic Movement

Brea Fisher

Quan Yin Gong Fu: Qi Gong, Taiji, & Gongfu from her training with Master Sing Chui, whose lineage connects back to Yue Fei (1103-1142 BC)

Amanda Verdery Young

ban feasa (Celtic Medicine Woman / Shamanic Practitioner)
Wild Psychology from the Animas Institute

Cathy French

Yoga Nidra and Irish Animism

Carrie Kenner

Birth Keeping, Story Telling, and Initiation Ceremonies

And a deep bow of acknowledgement to works of Rudolf Steiner, Fred Rogers, & Joanne Rowling.

Photo by Summer Wuerthner @lumis_memorie

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