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To Book a Massage

Call/Text 541.981.9310



Sessions include: Therapeutic .:. Pre-Natal .:. Swedish Relaxation .:. Eden Energy Medicine .:. Deep Tissue .:. Chinese Cupping .:. and Handcrafted Healing Herbal Oils made with whole plants from organic farms and the mountains of Central Oregon.

Location: In Office or Mobile Massage (extra $20 travel fee) - Love to travel outdoors for massages in the forest, on a farm, or by the river! (weather permitting)

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I maintain a peaceful and harmonious environment in my practice. For that reason, communication and clear boundaries are essential for the well being of both myself and my clients.


It is helpful for the client to arrive 10-15 minutes before the appointment to fill out paper work.

Late arrivals will be treated on a case-by-case basis. Should a client wish to proceed with the appointment, the scheduled end time of their appointment will remain the same. The client will still pay for the full cost of the appointment. If a client arrives too late to proceed with the session, we will reschedule for another time and half the cost of the original session will be due.


Sometimes life happens, so please communicate as soon as possible should the need to cancel an appointment arise. A 12-hour cancellation notice is appreciated, otherwise a payment amounting to half the cost of the appointment is expected before your next appointment. A no-call-no-show will be billed the cost of the full appointment.


The client will disrobe to their level of comfort and be fully draped at all times, except for the part of the body being worked on. The general purposes of massage are to induce relaxation, relieve stress, increase muscle separation and mobility in connective tissues, reduce muscle adhesions, and increase circulation. Massage therapists are not able to diagnose or treat beyond their scope of practice, but referrals are available upon request.


I have a strict non-discriminatory policy and I see integrity and honesty as the most important principles in a client-therapist relationship. I offer a safe and confidential environment and comply with HIPAA.


This is a clinical practice that upholds the standards and ethics of health professionals by the Oregon State Board of Massage Therapists. Misconduct and disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated.  Should any sexual misconduct arise, the session will be terminated immediately and the local authorities may be called.

A F T E R   T H E   S E S S I O N

Massage increases circulation in the body and can release stagnant toxins. It is important to hydrate well after a massage appointment. It is common to feel some soreness, particularly after deep tissue, so treat your body with care and get extra rest. If soreness persists longer than 48 hours, you are welcome to contact me or your healthcare provider.

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