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Massage Testimonials

"Fantastic massage! I appreciated Leydon taking time to get to know me & my needs for the massage. During the massage she was able to get to the exact area and relieve pain that brought me in & also pinpoint areas I didn’t realize were part of the problem (and solution!) The location was also really convenient, cozy, and serene. All around great massage, warm inviting space, and healer. I will be back!"
-Randi  H.

"I would recommend an hour and a half massage! Leydon is a very special healer and it is a pleasure to receive from her. Blossom Out Bodywork is one way to be gentle on yourself as a gift for doing our deep inner work. Leydon is here to assist us on relaxing our mind and body so we can truly shine in our community just as we are!"

-Hannah B.

"Leydon was so wonderful to work with! She is profoundly intuitive and has a natural nurturing gift of providing deep healing on multiple levels. She helped me so much after my last knee surgery. I definitely recommend her bodywork!"
                                                                        -Maxine R.

"Leydon is a magician with her hands bringing the essence of impeccable presence, her knowledge of embodiment practices, and divine intuition for the best messages ever, trully. I leave her table floating on a cloud. It's not only nourishing for the physical body but for the spiritual and emotional as well. Highly highly recommend you go see her and bask in her gifts!"

- Sofia

Class Testimonials

"I attended Leydon's Heart-focused class and wish I could have attended the whole series! Leydon created a warm, safe and joyful setting and facilitated our group beautifully. Many of the practices I learned and tried during this class are now effortlessly a part of my daily routine because it feels so darn good :) If you get a chance to learn from Leydon, DO IT!"

-Sara G.

"If you want to feel more at peace, at home, and in love with the sensual expression of who you are as a woman, I highly suggest working with Leydon. I have had the privilege of attending her Jade Egg Class and learning from her privately and am astounded by her knowledge and wisdom within women's sexuality, sensuality, and pleasure. I've taken Jade Egg classes before, but they did not have the depth nor understanding Leydon brings to the table. She creates a container of trust and of safety, so it is easy to feel into what the body needs and access deeper levels of healing. I adore her and her work. If you are nervous about doing Jade Egg work, I can ensure you that it will be a supportive experience. Leydon is the perfect example of what authenticity and passion in work look like and I am so grateful to have found her! Take ALL her classes. You won't be disappointed."
- Crystal Gordon, Hormonal Health & Herbal Alchemist

"Leydon has such a magical way holding a safe and expansive container for women to truly dive into and explore their inner world. Through these classes you’ll learn many practical tools and practices to heal and enhance your life. I personally found it most valuable to gather weekly with women and share our intimate and vulnerable experiences. I would 100% recommend any woman who is ready for deep inner transformation to take these classes. Each class left me feeling uplifted and hopeful for the future of women and our health and well-being."


-Kaydrie K

"I joined Leydon’s feminine embodiment series as newly postpartum and a first time mother. I felt an instant draw to her class, and faced a few uncertainties about whether I was “ready” for this type of exploration. I am so glad I said yes, and I received the perfect healing for me in the gentle and powerful container she created. 

During and since the class I have cultivated a reconnection to self, creativity, and intimacy that was dormant in navigating early motherhood. I have since been able to discern when my cup needs filling and I have so many energetic & physical practices in my pocket to choose from.

My breasts have become much more lively and even healed stretch marks with the breast massage we learned. My energy much higher and steadier. I am thrilled for the journey to get to know myself and my feminine being even more through this work, and I will cherish this special time for reawakening me at a very important transition in my life. Highly recommend to women on all walks of life. Thank you, Leydon."


-Jessica G

"Leydon is truly a wonderful teacher, a co-learner, a bridger of metaphysical medicine. She listens with her whole being and expresses every ounce of honesty she feels. She lives these practices and therefore speaks with many moons of experience, offering resources for further study as well as contacts for local healing practitioners. Simply put, I learn by just witnessing Leydon in her essence. She full-body loves what she learns and shares. 


The course teachings and practices were mostly new to me. I brought in a few of the teachings to my morning loving rituals and felt their pronounced gifts after consistent practice. I am inspired to continue experiencing and healing my womb, my voice, my sensuality, my sexuality, and my magic with the confidence I garnered during this Rooted Feminine Embodiment series. 


Thank you Leydon."


-Madeline W

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