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Sensual Embodiment & Sacred Sexuality
One-on-One Guidance

Embody your fullest expression.
Awaken your orgasmic potential.
Access your greatest creative power.

It is my greatest joy to bring you into harmony with your body, your center, and your pleasure.

I am a Licensed Bodyworker, a Homeopath, a trained Birth Doula, a certified Yoga Nidra Facilitator, and have spent over 10 years training in Energy Medicine, Tantra, Qi Gong, Chinese Medicine Theory, Intuitive Healing, and Earth Wisdom.

I am here to facilitate and champion you into diving beneath the surface, into the felt realm, to unearth your truth, limitless power, and essence.

I provide the container of emotional and physical support and offer practices to help you activate into your most vibrant, blissful essence. It is my greatest wish that all people access their innate wisdom, vitality, and life-long sexual healing and enjoyment.

I am overflowing with excitement to share this with you!



Magic comes in the wake of commitment.

Join me on the life changing journey of unlocking your sexual freedom

and using its power to fuel the creation of your truest life.


Feel safe, confident, and empowered in your body

Receive the healing power of deep vaginal orgasms

Lubricate Abundantly

Get past mental blocks

Drop into the intuitive wisdom of your body

Awaken your primal self

Live in harmony with your cycles

"If you want to feel more at peace, at home, and in love with the sensual expression of who you are as a woman, I highly suggest working with Leydon. I have had the privilege of attending her Jade Egg Class and learning from her privately and am astounded by her knowledge and wisdom within women's sexuality, sensuality, and pleasure. I've taken Jade Egg classes before, but they did not have the depth nor understanding Leydon brings to the table. She creates a container of trust and of safety, so it is easy to feel into what the body needs and access deeper levels of healing. I adore her and her work. If you are nervous about doing Jade Egg work, I can ensure you that it will be a supportive experience. Leydon is the perfect example of what authenticity and passion in work look like and I am so grateful to have found her! Take ALL her classes. You won't be disappointed."

- Crystal

Embodied Support Session (Mini)


I bring all of my wisdom and skills, my 10+ years of intuitive and divine training to presence with you as we navigate whatever is ready to be seen and heard in your journey.


In these sessions, I am able to clear and protect your aura, help you ground, explore and navigate what is coming up for you, help you come back into your body, access and empower *your truth*, share practical tools and new perspectives, and help you get very clear about your yes's and no's moving forward. I will also intuit what will help support you as you integrate this transition, affirmed by my trained muscle testing techniques.

We can cover an incredible amount of ground in this time.

These sessions are typically done over the phone.

30 minutes


Embodiment Deep Dive


This is the magic. In this time we have the opportunity to dive deeper than the mini sessions. You will have the opportunity to learn all the practices I use daily to keep my energy system, nervous system, immune system, emotional body, and sexual nature fortified, juicy, and vital.


In our exploration of what is alive for you, I will support and champion your transitions through: attunement, intuitive guidance, Tantra, Qi Gong, Homeopathy, self-care rituals, energy medicine, personally relevant anatomy + physiology lessons, catharsis, processing, and ceremony. The main focus will be embodied health through the lens of sexual vibrancy and relationships.

All topics are welcome here.

Sessions can be on zoom, a walk in the woods, a quiet river spot, or in my home. Come lay on my amethyst Biomat, cry with me, have a cup of nourishing herbal infusion, scream in the forest, bathe in the earth, breathe and dance and have catharsis and move stagnant energy.

These sessions are intuitive and dynamic. No two sessions are the same.

Packages available.

90-120 minutes

Interested in a Specific Topic?

Check out some options below!

Breast Magic


Awaken the sentience, wisdom, pleasure, and vibrancy of your breasts.


We will cover Eastern, Western, and Metaphysical Geography of the breasts and discover their intrinsic abilities to heal, transform, and alchemize your emotions and life. We will cover practices can lift, tone, and create fuller breasts as you circulate energetic pathways, clear blocks/stagnancy, and develop a more compassionate relationship with your breasts. Use these practices everyday!


(One Session)



ReWilding Our Rhythms


Just like our digestive system needs food and nourishment everyday, our sexual system needs to be fed and nourished as well! Learn to harmonize with your internal seasons, hormonal rhythms, and lunar connection. Experience natural birth control, more empowered (and even pleasurable) menstrual cycles, receive herbal guidance, and practice earth medicine embodiment practices.

Connect to the art of cyclical living as we tune in to our sacred feminine nature within.

We are Earth. Embodied.


(Two Sessions)


Jade Egg Guidance

All women can and deserve to have juicy, aroused, blissful yoni's at every age and life stage.


The Jade Egg has been used for over 5,000 years to safely heal the female reproductive system. The egg, when used properly (Don't learn from YouTube please, yikes! So many unsafe tips out there), can move out stagnant energy, heal emotional and physical blocks, reactive numb areas, alleviate pain, assist with urinary incontinence, assist trauma integration and healing, increase circulation and natural lubrication, and increase your pleasure and enjoyment in sex and life!!

We will cover the Eastern, Western, and Metaphysical Geography of the Yoni and Womb to get a comprehensive understanding of you internal terrain and ecosystem.


Awaken your orgasmic potential with everything you need to know for a safe and effective home practice.

(Three Sessions)

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