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Bringing all parts of us home in our female body.

Awaken Your Sexuality.

Become More Magnetic.

Feel Safe in Your Power.

3-Part Series offered each season.




These classes can be taken individually or as a full cycle of 3, the number for transformation and change. Each class focuses on a different part of our physical and energetic bodies with the intention of helping us more fully embody these parts of ourselves and connect them in wholeness.


Sit in Circle with Womxn

Chant and Sing Together

Express Ourselves

Be Heard/Be Seen

Open to our Truth


Honor our Emotions

Connect to our Unconditional Love

Learn Self Massage for Breasts

Qi Gong for Feminine Sexual Health

Build Confidence and Compassion


 Become your own Soulmate

Deepen Pleasure/Trust in your Body

Safe/Effective Jade Egg Exercises

Pelvic Floor Exercises

 Connect to Your Power and Creativity

I'm intrigued. Tell Me More

- Throat -

Long Stem Flower Illustration

Women's Chanting Circle

Empowered Expression - Healing Our Voices

This is a chance to come together and sit it circle, holding space for each other in our journeys. The circle will begin with a guided mediation and each attendee will have the opportunity to share (optional). Then we will sing some easy to learn songs in unison and in rounds. You do not have to be a singer to join! Our voices will be working together to create a collective power. We will sing songs that empower the affirmations and energies that we want to bring into our lives.

+ Sit in Circle with Sisters in our Community
+ Sing Songs in Unison/Rounds
+ Share and Express What Is in Your Heart
+Practice Opening Your Creative Flow

$5-10 Suggested Donation


Saturday June 1 from 3-5pm

- Heart -

Poppy with Leaves

Breast Massage & Qi Gong

Enliven Your Breasts - Open Your Heart

Our breasts are energetic epicenters of our emotions and sensuality. It is imperative to tend to them and remove any blocks or stagnant energy. In this class you will learn a daily breast massage technique to give your breasts optimum health and love. Daily breast massage can even change the size and increase the firmness of your breasts, as you uplift them and infuse them with new energy. We wear our breasts directly over our heart space, so in this class we will also honor our hearts by following a guided meditation. You will also learn an easy and effective Qi Gong exercise that enhances sexual energy and flow in the body. This class will embolden your confidence and redirect your energy toward self-love and support.

+ Anatomy and Physiology of the Breasts from Eastern and Western Perspectives

+ Daily Breast Massage*

+ Qi Gong for Female Sexual Energy

+ Heart Opening and Meditation

*See FAQ's Below

$40 - no supplies needed


Saturday June 8 from 3-5pm

- Womb -

Purple Flower

Yoni Massage & Jade Egg

Welcome Pleasure - Trust Your Intuition

The yoni, the vagina, the womb. Our center of creativity and power. This is where creation comes from, so even when we are not creating a baby, we can still access the immense power of sexuality to create other projects in our lives. In this class we will begin with a guided uterus meditation and jade egg activation. We will learn about yoni-self massage to help release tension and increase sensitivity. We will also learn how to use the jade egg to increase circulation, sensitivity, pleasure, connection, and power in our vaginas. In our society there is an epidemic of numb, painful, and/or vaginas that are disassociated from our hearts and emotions. Jade egg work re-enlivens our vaginas, re-awakens their power for pleasure, and re-strengthens our magnetism and ability to create. Come unlock your deepest and most unique power. Embody yourself and your body fully. And expand your ability to trust the messages from your body and open to your maximum pleasure potential.

+ Knowledge and Wisdom for Interpreting Your Body's Messages

+ Anatomy and Physiology of the Vagina

+ Acupressure Points of the Vagina

+ Yoni Massage*

+ Core Exercises for the Pelvic Floor

+ Jade Egg Exercise Routine*

+ Uterus Meditation

+ Gift of Silk String for Jade Egg Exercises

*See FAQ's Below

$40 - Bring a Yoga Mat & Yoni Egg


Saturday June 15 from 3-5pm


Can I attend these classes if I don't have breasts or a uterus?
Yes. We can still energetically address these areas of the body. If you would like to discuss this more, please contact me and we can explore what will work best for you.

Where can I get a Jade Egg from?
Jade Eggs can be purchased online or potentially at a local crystal shop. I recommend trying to find ethically sourced stones.

How do I know which Jade Egg to choose?
Pick an ethically sourced - size medium - Nephrite Jade Egg. Eggs come in various sizes and there are different theories for who should use which size. Often the large sizes are excessive and the small sizes are too small. I recommend a Medium size egg for the purposes of this class. **Things to look our for** (1) that it is not chemically treated, (2) that it has a hole drilled through it for us to put string through, (3) that it is true nephrite jade or another hard stone like quartz or obsidian - soft stones are porous and hard to clean/easy to contaminate

Can I use a Jade Egg if I am pregnant?
Yes! It is great prep work for birth! And it is amazing to post-patrum recovery (once you are ready and have been cleared by doctor/midwife - usually after 6 weeks)

Can I use a Jade Egg if I have an IUD?
Yes! The likelihood on the egg dislodging the IUD is very low. This is a very gentle practice.

Will I have to undress in class?
You will be fully clothed for the Throat and Breast classes. In the Womb class, you will have the option to undress from the waist down or wear a skirt during the Jade Egg work. During the Jade Egg practices you will be under a blanket and be able to maintain privacy from your neighboring classmates. This is a safe and trusting environment, and although the class content is intimate in nature, professionalism and respect will be upheld at all times. Any lewd remarks, gestures, or disrespect of other's boundaries will disqualify you from class.

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